Decoding Culture

Republica Havas is a leading creative, media, and communications agency that builds meaningful relationships between people and brands across cultures, traditions, and languages.

Principles & Foundation


As a fiercely creative, strategy-driven agency, we dive deep into our clients' businesses to tackle challenges and unlock growth opportunities. We passionately share their brand stories through engaging, meaningful, and culturally relevant communications solutions.


Great advertising not only sells, but compels. By combining unique cultural insights with big creative, we build award-winning campaigns that drive sales.


Like people, companies and products have their own DNA. We uncover what sets them apart by developing a unique branding system that can include naming, logo design and brand voice.

Brand Strategy + Media

Through advanced analytics and deep market data, our brand and media strategists uncover the kinds of insights that are brought to life through our rock-solid creative and channel strategies.

Events + Experiential

The frontline of consumer contact. Our all-star team creates and produces immersive, memorable brand experiences — from one-on-one shopper marketing to large-scale special events.


Stories are better told through the lens of unbridled artistry. Our leading-edge production team breathes life into campaigns through compelling video, film and photography.

PR + Social

In today's up-to-the-second world, our award-winning team of PR and content experts go beyond the press release to deliver the kind of earned and social awareness that builds momentum and drives engagement.



The proof is in
the hardware.

Awards & Recognitions


Republica Havas is led by a seasoned group of creative minds, strategists, marketing gurus and financial wizards. Together, they put their years of expertise to work for our growing roster of great clients. And love every minute of it.

Jorge A. Plasencia
Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO
Luis Casamayor
Co-Founder, Creative Chairman & President
Anthony Bianco
Chief Operating Officer
Tony Waissmann
Chief Creative Officer
Catarina Gonçalves
Chief Strategy Officer
Gustavo Fernandez
Executive Director & Chief Experience Officer
Marcela Maurer
Chief Brands Officer
Vanessa Bolaños
Managing Director, Republica Havas Health
Alexis Regalado
Managing Director, Republica Havas Group
Eirasmin Lokpez-Cobo
Executive Vice President, Brand Strategy and Consumer Insights,
Republica Havas Health
Lori Sundermier
Vice President, Finance & Administration
Jose Bello
Vice President, Media
Laura Socorro-Santoni
Vice President, Group Account Director
Christina Krablin
Senior Director, Talent Recruitment
Stephanie Betances
Director, People & Engagement
Natalie Pardo
Director, Marketing and Business Development
Yadira Santana-Dowling
Director, Strategy & DEI
Vicky Principe
Director, Content and Social Media
Abraham Zarran
Director, Digital Operations

Great Clients

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