Face Un-recognition

To convey the concept of facial confusion, one of Alzheimer’s main symptoms, we intentionally confused millions of fans.

Approximately 55 million people worldwide are believed to be living with Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia. One of Alzheimer’s main symptoms is face confusion. Those who experience this symptom have difficulty recognizing friends, relatives, or acquaintances, often mistaking them for other people.

For a week, we confused hundreds of thousands of Defensa y Justicia club fans and TNT Sports followers by replacing the real “Uvita” Fernández with a double on both their social media accounts and personal accounts. Throughout the week, the activation generated more than 288 million earned media impressions, with a 98% positive sentiment, and a 50% increase in traffic to the Fight Against Alzheimer’s Association (A.L.M.A.) website.