What Makes a Great Place to Work

In the Advertising/PR business late nights are pretty common. Jorge Plasencia and Luis Casamayor, owners of República in Miami, expect their employees to work hard. But they do their best to make sure their 45 employees are healthy and happy.

For example, República built an on-site gym for employees with showers and lockers.”It promotes a healthy environment,” Jorge says. “In an industry with long hours, people spend a lot of time at the office so we want them to feel as comfortable as possible.”

The company also built an employee cafe and an on-site playroom with a Pac-Man machine and pool table.  “It keeps the morale positive, ” Jorge says. “When they get back to their desks, they are more energized and spirited.”

Jorge says most nights at 8 p.m., the office is bustling with employees brainstorming and talking to clients on the West Coast. The two men launched the firm four years ago and have been building it during the recession. Clients incude Burger King Corporation, Frito-Lay, Chivas Regal and Aetna. Jorge says he learned the key to success. “We don’t take anything for granted. We are in the business of people.”

I think República understands what it takes to succeed. Would you mind staying later at night if you had a chance to exercise or unwind a little during your workday?

Cindy Krischer Goodman
The Work/Life Balancing Act
Miami Herald Blog