This Agency Saved Jobs by Bringing Restaurant and Grocery Clients Together

Sedano’s was able to offer temporary work to restaurant employees at Versailles and La Carreta Restaurants who otherwise would be out of a job. Republica Havas helped hundreds of employees find temporary work   They […]

Santa Margherita donates $1 for every view of its new campaign

One of Italy’s most famed wineries is donating $1 every time some views its new campaign. “Uncork Your Extraordinary,” created by Santa Margherita in partnership with Republica Havas, has already garnered more than 150,000 peepers since […]

Republica Havas strikes a unique client partnership that defines meaningful and saves jobs in the agency’s home city of Miami, Florida

“THIS WAS THE OPPORTUNITY TO PAY IT FORWARD AND WORK TOGETHER ON TRYING TO KEEP AS MANY JOBS AS POSSIBLE” A quick deal pulled together by Republica Havas in one night saved 400 local jobs […]

Versailles had to lay off 400 over coronavirus. Here’s why Sedano’s is hiring them

Sedano’s Supermarket already carries the Versailles company’s Cuban coffee. Now it will carry its laid-off employees, as well. The two iconic South Florida businesses announced a partnership Thursday that will employ up to 400 full-time […]

An Interview with Jorge A. Plasencia, Co-Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Republica Havas | LEADERS Magazine

Agency brings home hardware from Clio Sports, Tellys, PRWeek Multicultural Campaign of the Year, American Advertising Awards, Campaign US Power of Purpose, and Communicator Awards