To reinforce communication about the new electric scooter, Siam and Republica Havas created a campaign that highlights one of the product’s greatest benefits–that it does not emit polluting gases. It’s also quiet and requires little maintenance. The campaign humorously depicts animals showing their gratitude for a product that protects their home and the environment.

In this regard, Jorge Plasencia, co-founder and CEO of Republica Havas, gave us his take on the campaign:

“This is a campaign with a lot of simplicity and impact. The eyes go there quickly because it’s attractive, and when you’re there looking at it, the message is very direct and clear. The quality of the craft is also very important, which in this case was fundamental to the idea. I congratulate the whole team.”

Tony Waissmann, CCO of Republica Havas, added his words about the campaign:

“First I want to highlight that it’s always a pleasure to work with Newsan. Every joint project brings together a solid team and we all feel the same passion about producing the best version of things. I have worked a lot with the group and also with Siam in particular. Regarding this campaign, I love it; I am in love with simple things that are well done and that, in this case, make you smile or that produce that “ayyy.” It’s like a “love” campaign, where we find that if we hold on as if on a motorcycle, but we do it with animals, the hug meant to prevent them from falling transforms into a hug of gratitude and love. That resource and this combination of both things could help us to perfectly tell the main benefit of the N4.”

Lastly, María Fernanda Lota, Newsan’s Brand Manager, also gave her opinion on the campaign.

“Making a more sustainable and safe mobility concept tangible was the premise for launching this initiative. We are convinced that highlighting this situation in communication pieces and linking it to animals and the care of their environment and that of everyone, provides a global vision to review the way in which we transport ourselves.”