Santa Margherita donates $1 for every view of its new campaign

One of Italy’s most famed wineries is donating $1 every time some views its new campaign.

“Uncork Your Extraordinary,” created by Santa Margherita in partnership with Republica Havas, has already garnered more than 150,000 peepers since launching two days ago across Instagram and Facebook.

Around $75,000 of this will be donated to Meals On Wheels America, which supports 5,000 community-based programs dedicated to addressing senior isolation and hunger.

A Santa Margherita spokesperson said: “We’re committed to donating $250,000 to a variety of non-profit organizations that are doing extraordinary things during these times. Get involved today, and share the love!”

The campaign centers around the idea that people are still finding ways to express their unique selves despite intense isolation for weeks on end.

Some of the random acts of kindness that people from around the world are demonstrating every day include playing music on a balcony and shopping for elderly neighbors. Uncork Your Extraordinary highlight that we all can make a big difference with small actions.

Source: Campaign Live