Confusing people is one of the main symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. That’s why, during the Argentine Professional Soccer League’s 11th game day, the Fight Against Alzheimer’s Association (A.L.M.A.) and Racing Club joined in a collaborative effort in which each of the Club’s 11 players went onto the field with another teammate’s last name printed on the back of their jersey. But the confusion started ahead of the game on the Club’s social media, and people kept talking about it well after the game.

In this regard, Jorge Plasencia, CEO of Republica Havas, made the following statement:

“The organic repercussions of the idea were phenomenal. What happened on social media before the game and then on the field was massive. We are delighted to be able to come up with ideas that go beyond publicity and, in this case, create awareness of Alzheimer’s disease.”

Tony Waissmann, CCO of Republica Havas, also shared his opinion about the activation:

“I’ll start by saying, what a joy! When the idea came up during a lunch meeting, we looked at each other and said, ‘We have to do it. Now.’ Those are the moments in which you get excited thinking how to put all the pieces together to make this possible, but at the same time, these are times of personal and team challenges that create extra adrenaline to make it happen. I’m thrilled to see the idea come to fruition and what it generated, and working with people like Gladys from A.L.M.A. and Pablo and Alex from Racing feels amazing. Talking about teams, this one works!”

Pablo N. Ruiz, Marketing Manager of Racing Club, added his thoughts about the campaign:

Racing Club rests on its values and we aim at communicating our brand through them. Passion and innovation are some of them, but above all, we’re proud that social commitment is at the forefront. Soccer clubs, as opinion leaders, must take on this commitment to the community and be channels for this kind of initiative. We’re proud that the Fight Against Alzheimer’s Association (A.L.M.A.) entrusts Racing Club to raise awareness in the community.

Lastly, Gladys Bangueses, President of the Fight Against Alzheimer’s Association, also gave her opinion about the idea:

It is very reassuring to know that an agency like this is partnering with us to prepare outstanding campaigns like “The Name Confusion,” which allows us to reach out to the community to raise awareness about dementia and Alzheimer’s, in particular. Our nonprofit association, being an NGO, often needs to overcome many obstacles to carry out the necessary actions to help the families that really need our contributions. People like Tony Waissmann play an important and valuable role. He’s a creative mind who understands what we’re going through, and together with the Republica Havas team, ideas start flowing! The people from Racing Club were also very generous with us, agreeing to be part of this campaign that has had a fantastic impact on the general public, especially on people with a family member suffering from cognitive impairment. They were able to reach out and receive personalized advice that we offer them in such difficult times of their lives, free of charge. For all this, our deepest gratitude to Republica Havas…and to Racing Club!!