HACR Elects Janet Murguía Board Chair

The Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility Elects Janet Murguía Board Chair

Janet Murguía, president and CEO of the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), was recently elected chair of the HACR Board of Directors, for the 2011-2012 term, effective May 2011.

Along with Murguía, the HACR Board of Directors re-elected Guarione Díaz, president, Cuban American National Council, as Vice Chair; Ron Blackburn-Moreno, president and CEO, ASPIRA Association, Inc., Treasurer; and Clara Padilla Andrews, president, National Association of Hispanic Publications, Secretary. Ignacio Salazar, HACR’s current board chair, will continue to serve on the organization’s executive committee as immediate past chair, serving a one-year term.

“Janet’s extraordinary leadership, intrinsic knowledge of HACR, and passion for the proper representation of Latinos in all areas – from employment and procurement to philanthropy and governance – are exemplary,” said Ignacio Salazar, president and CEO of SER – Jobs for Progress National, Inc. “With this wealth of experience, she is exceptionally qualified to spearhead our board’s executive committee, and we welcome her and look forward to working together in advancing Hispanic inclusion in Corporate America.”

An influential figure among the next generation of Latino leaders, Janet Murguía has devoted her career to public service, providing improved opportunities for the more than 50 million Hispanics living in the U.S. At NCLR, she has continuously worked to strengthen the Latino voice on issues of critical importance to the community, nurturing partnerships with a network of more than 300 affiliates. She has also been instrumental in building a bridge between the Hispanic community and other minority groups and has placed special emphasis on the Latino vote and its importance in shaping the future of the current and future political clout in the country.

“It is a privilege to have been selected to lead HACR’s board of directors among such a distinguished group of individuals who are at the forefront of Hispanic inclusion,” said Murguía. “As a board member, I have had the privilege to be deeply involved in HACR’s mission and look forward to working with my fellow coalition members.”

Murguía has served on HACR’s board of directors since 2005. She is also a board member of the Independent Sector, a coalition of leading non-profits, foundations and corporations; the American Heart Association; and the Partnership for a Healthier America, and is an executive committee member for the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights and the National Hispana Leadership Agenda.

She has been recognized on numerous occasions for her work, receiving accolades including Washingtonian magazine’s “100 Most Powerful Women in Washington,” People en Español’s “100 Most Influential Hispanics,” and Latino Leaders magazine’s “101 Top Leaders of the Hispanic Community,” among others. Murguía’s extensive career began in Washington DC and she worked at the White House from 1994 – 2000, serving as former President Clinton’s deputy assistant and deputy director of legislative affairs.