Azamara Club Cruises launches new ‘Explore Further’ campaign in Australia via Republica

Azamara Club Cruises has announced the launch of its new brand campaign – Explore Further via US agency Republica, set to air in Australia.

The campaign greatly expands and tells the story of the brand’s commitment to connect people with people; people with cultures; and people with themselves by enabling them to look at life with a new perspective.

Explore Further launches the addition of 900+ new tours that are focused on the intimate experiences craved by the well-versed traveller. With overnight stays and docking at smaller, less-travelled ports, Azamara welcomes guests to step on land as an insider, and to travel deeper, beyond the initial layers of a city.

Says Larry Pimentel, president and CEO of Azamara Club Cruises: “Within this refocused positioning, we have carefully curated additional shore excursions to allow guests to view destinations with a fresh perspective and more dimension.

“We want our guests to experience the world within a world, to try new flavours, make new friends, feel new textures and hear new melodies, and in the process discover more about themselves. As guests look to Azamara to broaden horizons and to bridge worlds together, we couldn’t be more excited about the Explore Further campaign.”

Azamara’s enhanced brand campaign continues to champion the brand’s foundation of Destination Immersion experiences and Cruise Global, Connect Local programming while strengthening the commitment to Longer Stays, More Overnights events, immersive cultures, unparalleled itineraries and authentic service.

As part of the Explore Further rebrand, Azamara celebrates diversity and affords travellers with unpretentious travel experiences and enriched hospitality. The brand will continue to roll out new Shore Excursions with annual itineraries and plans to announce 2020 itineraries in the upcoming months.