Cafe Versailles Rutina Zombie Ventanita

Republica Havas, the Miami-based partner agency of Havas Group, and its client, Café Versailles, the most famous Cuban restaurant in the world, present/have launched “Rutina,” (“Routine”) their new out-of-home and advertising campaign based on the emblematic and famous Cuban café. Café Versailles has been a part of Cuban culture for over five decades. Shortly after opening its doors in 1971, Versailles quickly became a meeting place for locals and tourists alike. With its main restaurant on Miami’s iconic Calle Ocho and popular locations at Miami International Airport, Versailles serves Cuban flavor to millions of people every year.

Jorge A. Plasencia, co-founder and CEO of Republica Havas, commented:

“Versailles is one of the most popular spots in Miami and every day it brings together thousands of locals and tourists who share delicious Cuban food. This campaign celebrates how key Versailles, La Ventanita, and the cafecito are in our community’s culture.”

Tony Waissmann, CCO of Republica Havas, added the following:

Versailles’ campaign reflects what it means to pause and drink coffee, and to relax and forget everything for a few minutes, to recharge and continue “running” through our dizzying daily routine. It’s made up of characters who we identify as always running, making an analogy of how we’re frantic in our own routine and how drinking coffee is associated with stopping for a few minutes before resuming. That is precisely what we are trying to reflect in a fun and aesthetic way with this campaign.

Meanwhile, Nicole Valls, director of operations, also had some words to say regarding the new brand campaign:

“We were really impressed with the overall idea, creativity, and execution of the campaign. It’s a fun way to exemplify how important el cafecito and La Ventanita are to our community, daily routine, and so many visitors from around the globe,” said Nicolle Valls, director of operations for the Valls Group. “Every day so many people look forward to that moment where they can take a pause from life to enjoy a cafecito and some conversation with those around them. This campaign portrays that perfectly. Kudos to the team at Republica Havas.”